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Keruseya Natsuki
24 July 2008 @ 09:33 pm

Not necessarily.

After 52 weeks of not posting on livejournal, I've come across some stuff that'll get me back into it. A novel! I wanted to make this a new journal to keep myself and my friends updated on how my novel (currently titled 'Kalïprez' but subject to change) is progressing!

Current Chapters: 2 1/7 (lol)
Current Word Count: 20,996

And here's a short preview of the first chapter, which actually takes place a year and a half before the story begins:

In an area of absolute quiet, a young boy sat back against a tree, his chest heaving with gasping breaths. Sweat lined his fearful face, almost invisible in the darkness around him and yet outlined by a small bit of light emanating from a glowing ball in his hands. He looked up into the sky, or at least what sky there was to be called underground. His troubled eyes met a rocky ceiling far off in the distance, smoothed out so that there were no cracks to be seen. It looked so strong, and yet all around him, their civilizations were crumbling...

The energy orb in his hands flickered slightly and the boy let out a startled yelp. The light, it was all he had now, they had taken everything else. He stood up from the tree, nearly tripping in his rush, wanting to find someone, anyone, that had escaped. His messy blonde hair tossed wildly and his grey-blue eyes were wide as he stumbled forwards into another tree. He swore wildly as his orb dropped, and the light went out.

He frantically pulled a small device out of his pocket, and pressed a button. Once again, a small orb of glowing white light appeared at the tip. He grabbed it hastily, shoving the device back into his pocket. He closed his eyes and pulled himself into a ball, clutching the scrap of glowing energy to his chest as the tears came quickly, cascading over his cheeks. Never had he felt so alone.

It would have been sometime in the next day that they found him, still curled into a ball, the white energy flickering and fading along with his consciousness. It was as he feared; they had been taken over. Nobody he remembered was left.

Taadaa? It's not great, and I sorta just realised a lot of mistakes that I hadn't caught the first time around! Thank god for editing. Soon I'm probably going to have to look for an agent, if this becomes serious. Me and a close friend just planned out the entire three series, a total of nine books. They're going to be rather long.... >_<

A brief summary?

Enter Nikolæran Silver, a sixteen year old boy just placed in charge of the remainder of the human race- the total number of them left being just less than eight hundred. In the year of 2744, they outlived what science had believed to be the end of the world. In more truthful words, the end of the world had come and gone and only few had remained.

Around the turn of the year 2700, the remainder of us humans left alive had been forced to the only livable city in the world after all else was destroyed brutally by war and disease. Seattle, in all its broken glory, survived to have walls one fifth of a kilometre thick built up with the hardest materials known to man, tracing the borders of an area eight miles by ten miles long. 

Through the next thirty years, four races were born, each with their own differences and abilities that separated them form one another. From gun-slinging acrobats to heavy-tech killing machines, the now enclosed Seattle became nothing more than a man-made hell. The remaining humans were forced underground, away from their own forces that each and every day want to put an end to them.

Oh, how artificial intelligence became a curse.

Okay, so that made it sound a lot more ridiculous than it was. =_= I am horrible at summarizing ANYTHING. Guess I'll need to work on that for any future queries!!

:3 - <3 Seya/Aeysx

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Keruseya Natsuki
02 August 2007 @ 05:21 pm
Horrifically. Totally, out-of-my-mind boredom is knocking at the door. Off work today. Not back until the 6th. *sob*

Yea... don't know if I said naught about it but I wrote a very depressing MtR fic two days ago. Depressing and totally nonsensical.

Here is False Pride if you're gonna bother reading it... hehe. Please leave a comment if you like. ^^

WilburLewis if you squint.
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Keruseya Natsuki
30 July 2007 @ 12:17 pm

This seems like a pretty good news board for PoS. ^^ But, nah, might not work.

Anyways, anyone from PoS who would bother coming here, feel free. Respond to any questions I ask by leaving a comment, or just read what I have to say. I'll be updating this with my stories... but other than that, it'll be fun. :)



Administrator, ßurden¹³

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Keruseya Natsuki
30 July 2007 @ 11:45 am
So.... LiveJournal. Never really considered it, but I think it's gonna be fun. If anyone feels like adding me as a friend for no reason whatsoever, go ahead. ^^ I'm sure we'll find something to chat about.

Meet the Robinsons rocks. Muahahaha.
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